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In partnership with Plas Eco, BIC presents Ubicuity?, a range of outdoor furniture made from recycled pens.


France, Paris, October 5, 2017 – Taking a step forward in the writing instruments collection programme launched in March 2011 with TerraCycle, BIC is starting a new chapter to enter the circular economy. In partnership with Plas Eco, a French company which specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of outdoor furniture, BIC has initiated the first range of outdoor furniture made in France from recycled pens.


Ubicuity? is the result of a successful collaboration between partners of an independent recycling chain initiated by BIC, that sets up a circular economy model unique in France. Through this innovative partnership with TerraCycle, Govaplast and Plas Eco, BIC aims to implement a durable recycling chain with the following objectives:
-?Funding the extension of the collection programme for discarded pens;
-?Encouraging post-consumer waste recycling, especially plastics;
-?Showing citizens and pupils what is concretely possible when sorting out waste: when collecting discarded pens, they participate in their transformation into benches, tree seats, etc, and will now be able to try them out in the street or at school.


Sponsored and driven by BIC, the initiative is organized as follows:
-?TerraCycle provides teams with the toolkit to organize the collection of discarded pens at the very place where they are used.
-?A recycling provider shreds the pens, sorts out the materials and sends Govaplast the pellets or flakes made from the plastics selected for the outdoor furniture.
-?Govaplast uses the recycled pellets or flakes to manufacture post-consumer plastics boards that are then sent to Plas Eco.
-?Plas Eco designs, manufactures, supplies and sells Ubicuity? products.

Ubicuity?: a range designed and made in France with 7 types of products
Ubicuity? products have been designed, manufactured and sold by the Plas Eco company, based in Verson (near Caen, Normandy, France). The products are entirely made of recycled plastics and are themselves recyclable:?
-?bench-type seats for secondary and high schools;
-?school benches;
-?educational planters for schools;
-?picnic tables;
-?tree seats to protect trees and provide seating (2 types);
-?standing seats for secondary and high schools.


These products have two main assets: they offer a high weather resistance and a very low maintenance cost. An explanatory plaque will be attached to every product.

Marie-Aimée Bich-Dufour, BIC group Executive Vice-President, points out: “As writing instruments were not included in any organised recycling chain, the BIC Group was willing to enter the circular economy and go beyond the efforts carried out in the collection programme. It is a strong commitment for BIC: we are taking the initiative to set up the first recycling chain for discarded pens in France.”


Ubicuity??awarded with the 2019 ESSEC Grand Prix for Responsible Consumer Goods

On February 06th 2019, BIC was awarded with the 2019 ESSEC Grand Prix for Responsible Consumer Goods – Special mention from the students, recognizing its innovative and visionary nature.


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Where to buy Ubicuity? products?

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