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BIC is a family-owned company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and a world leader in stationery, lighters, shavers and promotional products. For more than 60 years, BIC has honored the tradition of providing high-quality, simple, inventive and reliable choices for everyone, everywhere, every time.  

  • Year started: 1950
  • In: France
  • Ranking: #2 worldwide for Stationery / #1 worldwide for branded pocket Lighters / #2 in Europe, U.S., Brazil for non-refillable shaver market (in volume)
tipp-ex mouse


Tipp-Ex?, a leading European brand of correction products, was created in Germany by Otto W. Carls. The original  Tipp-Ex? product was coated correction strips used for typing errors but later developed into the correction fluid synonymous with the brand today. Over the last few decades the brand expanded its range of products for use in the office, at school and at home.

  • Year started: 1959
  • In: Germany
  • Year acquired by BIC: 1997
  • Ranking: #1 in Europe
documents being corrected with Wite-Out


Wite-Out? is an American brand of correction products, originally created in the USA by George Kloosterhouse. Since aquiring the company nearly 25 years ago, the BIC? brand Wite-Out? has increased its product range to meet correction needs at home, in the office and at school to include fluid and correction tapes.

  • Year started: 1966
  • In: USA
  • Year acquired by BIC: 1992
  • Countries where sold: USA
cello logo and blue pen


Cello Pens is India’s largest manufacturer and distributor of writing instruments. Cello Pens is a vertically integrated manufacturer with strong in-house research, product development and marketing capabilities. With its broad portfolio of products and countrywide distribution network, the Cello? brand is one of the most recognized in India.

  • Year started: 1995
  • In: India
  • Year fully acquired by BIC: 2015
  • Ranking: #1 in India
little boy drawing a boat with pencils


BIC? Kids is BIC Group's brand of coloring products for children. A wide range of high quality, entertaining products that satisfy children of all ages and encourage their artistic development, BIC? Kids helps your child grow.

  • Year started: 2004
  • In: Europe
pencils and a drawing


A French color and drawing supply brand renowned since 1794, Conté? has been part of the BIC Group since 1979. Nicolas-Jacques Conté, a French scientist, originally invented the "modern" pencil lead that allowed for the use of less graphite and also brought a variation to the hardness of the lead. These high-quality art instruments allow artists the precision they need to express themselves. 

  • Year started: 1795
  • In: France
  • Year acquired by BIC: 1979
bic 4 colors pens with printing on their body


BIC Graphic Europe, a leading company in the branded promotional products industry, offers expertise in state-of-the-art decorating methods that support the marketing and media strategies of companies through the customization of well renowned BIC? products with imprinting logos, advertising messages or specific images.

  • Year started: 1969